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New Moodie Club


UPDATE: Sorry i forgot to put club link here it is:

Join the New Moodie Wear Club and get a free fashion mannequin for your suite!
Unfortunately, all the Moodie Wear Stardesign clothes are gone and  we cant design anymore new stuff. It was fun while it lasted though. I wish stardoll would add some new stuff to the regular stardesign because some of the items, people dont use or theyre ugly LOL. Anyways you need a proxy to join the club, if you dont know how to use a manual proxy than click this link: How to use Manual Proxy

use this proxy: port 8080

Thanks Melody1970 and TheMeDollMaster Blog


MODELforME said...

I can't find it. What category is it in? I search Moodi Club and I get thousands of pages to search through!

Anonymous said...

the proxy dosent work and were is the link

Rahmeh said...

here's the club link:
and thanx for the proxy! it works!


Princesskeyera said...

hi, sophy I still can design moodie wear, well just the short sleeve puff shirt. I used that proxy then put in my address bar and then moodie shop comes up.

lalalala!! said...


Eva said...

Thankyouu so much :D I hope it's gonna work for me. xox

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I got it (:


Elizabeth said...

I put the proxy in and all, but it just makes my computer not load any websites. Why do I do?

thatgirlsophy said...


try clearing your history and cache first, then load the proxy again.
If that doesnt work and nothing still loads than just put your settings back to no proxy. The address may not work anymore.

Elizabeth said...

Woah, I got it to work, but instead of a mannequin, I got a green phone! My name is Dylan_Cole_Fan if you wanna see.

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