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New Shop: OTTO

This new shop OTTO has been released in Germany only. Supposely its from a real online store, but im not sure which one since im from US. Does anyone know if its like a Kohls or a Designer Brand?
Anyways, you dont need a proxy to get all the clothes thankfully! Just click the link and theyll be in your starplaza closet.
Plus, alot of them are for non-Superstar, which is good!

Get OTTO Clothes

images from Underneath Stardoll
link from Stardoll Insiders


AbbieDabbieDo said...

OTTO is a German retail store.
(It's in German)


pilzilein said...

It's not exactly a brand itself..
But an online store where you can buy clothes and stuff from different brands..

Anonymous said...

plus you can receive an otto catalogue

thatgirlsophy said...


you mean a catalog for you suite? or one to look at in the shop? said...

A catalogue which is sent to your home, if you order it -.-

I'm from Germany and it's an online store, where you can buy clothes from stores like "S.Oliver" , "Esprit" , and lots of different things form different brands.

Anonymous said...

you can find OTTO by search now in starplaza


f.iliz said...

Wooowww we got our 1 sd back!!! you can get it with Play & Earn!!! =D

Anonymous said...

You can get it in the UK as well all you do is choose a particular colour in the search option and then whatever peice of clothing you are looking for like a dress and the otto items appear at the end

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