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Free ANTM Items: week 1


UPDATE: im slow i received both! i just didnt see it LOL. I got the coat as a gift and the dress came in a bag! The dress is a link to the cinema, but you can still wear it. I used a web proxy to get it.

Stardoll is giving out a free coat and dress when you what the Americas Next Top Model Trailer in Stardoll Cinema. Apparently, people who watch it in UK (Great Britain) get a free dress and people who watch it in US get the Free Coat.
I received the free coat, but can get the dress. I tried using web proxy and the manual proxy addresses i have recieved so far, but they havnt worked for me so i will try again later.

Manual Proxy Addresses: If you find other working UK proxys let me know. Port 3128 port 8085 port 80 port 9090

Web Proxys (close ads): Log in and go to stardoll cinema (UK) (UK) (US)

Thanks Melody1970
images and proxy from Themedollmaster Blog


Anonymous said...

I got both them and im from the UK

Anonymous said...

what about if you're not from the us? do you have any us proxys we can use?

thatgirlsophy said...


yes i added a US web proxy

Anonymous said... Use that for drees It Works for me :)


Yasemin19 said...

hi you know how you want the antm dress well i got it i used the daveproxy for uk and i typedin and i signed in and on the start page at the top right corner there it writes this: ANTM in Stardoll Cinema -
Sneak peek at the new America's Next Top Model with new prizes for watching every week under stardoll news and i didnt get the coat i got the dress .......... i hope tht helped you xoxo yasemin19

Anonymous said...

i got the dress but not the coat...
used web proxy.

Anonymous said...

whats a manual US proxy, the proxy website wont load the flash movie for some reason?

Biogirl1987 said...

Has anyone else had a problem with the US cinema? Whenever I go there I get the Paulina film. :( Does anyone have a solution for this?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad, but this is annoying, nothing WORKS!!!!! And, you guys should erase the stuff once it doesn't work....

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