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1sd A Day is Back!

1sd a Day is Back, but its alittle different. Instead of logging in everyday to receive your 1sd a day you just play the "play and earn" games. You will still earn 5sd, but you will HAVE to spend 4sd that same day and you can save the 1sd for as long as you want! Now non-superstars can save up to buy other items. Plus, theyre not as limited and pressured to buy something that same day. This is a good thing! We prevailed!

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Anonymous said...

But I like the old system better. LOL
Oh well!
At least we can save our Stardollars!
~Miracle98 @

kathleen said...

i have been waiting 4 this day 4 ages!
now i can actually save up money 2 but nice things
(when i first started i spent all my money and relied on the play and earn system)

krist33n said...

Hey thanks for telling us that.
Thanks do I put my tear in the box???
We are all sooo Happy

Anonymous said...

ah, ... So from there ...
I thought it all strange.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Did it work for you? Cause I had 35 stardollars yesterday and I only used four of them, and I still have 35 today. Is it supposed to look the same? Like 35 +1? And then change to 36 the next day?

cynn-thee-ahh @ stardoll

thatgirlsophy said...


well this is how it looked when i played the "play and earn"

It adds 1sd to your regular stardollars and +4 to the timed ones.

thats why it only says 4 when your done playing instead of 5 because those dissappear.

get it?

Karla said...

theres something we all failed to c, we can only earn and play 10 times a month, so we only get a chance for 50stardollars a month when it used to be 150, we get 100 less, my source was underneath stardoll, check it out

thatgirlsophy said...

@ Karla

i will look into it and post something about it ;)

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