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Free ANTM Dress: Week 2


Today you can receive the next free dress from ANTM. But you have to use a manual proxy unfortunately because its only for UK users. I know its a pain in the ass to do this.
If you dont know how to use manual proxy click the link and learn. Then come back to this post.
How to use Manual Proxy

For others who have got the hang of using this tech craziness heres some super slow UK proxys, sorry its all i found. port 80 port 8080 port 80

Apparently, we will receive something free and new every week on Tuesday!

proxies all from medollmaster


Anonymous said...

If I get 7 followers on my blog, I WILL GIVE THE 6TH AND 7TH FOLLOWER A PRIZE!

Toxxic.Angel said...

I have downloaded a template, i try uploading it up on blogger but it does not come through?
can you help please/

rosycheeks_5 said...

it said i needed flash player nine
didnt work 4 me

Anonymous said...

Hey is anyone selling that dress?

Anonymous said...

Dont we need a link to the video?

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