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Theres this issue going on with the Play and Earn stardollars. Karla brought to my attention the situation of earning only 50 stardollars a month, which is a bit weird when you do the math for a month of earning 5sd a day. I read Underneath Stardoll Blog and they mention how this could be a way of stardoll screwing us once again.

At first i thought, this is a good thing, stardoll is returning the 1sd a day. Then they started coming out with all these ads and campaigns about "you can earn up to 50 stardollars per month!"

Heres the math:
normally you could earn 5sd a day - 5sd x 30days = 150 earned stardollars a month
Now you can save 1sd a day - 1sd x 30days = 30sd saved a month

Now tell me, where is stardoll getting this "50 stardollars per month" number?
It currently doesnt make any sense. One conclusion from USD is they will limit our use of "play and Earn" to 10 times a month, which equals 50 stardollars.
In this case, even though stardoll let us save 1 stardollar, they would be only giving us 50sd a month, which is a reduction from the 150 stardollars we were getting with out saving them.

In any case, this is all speculation and no one has been limited yet, so we all really dont know what stardoll is doing yet. Maybe they just cant add and screwed up the advertisement LOL. or maybe stardoll giveth, stardoll can take away.


Anonymous said...

Okay this is what I think.

When it says 50 sd a month it is only couning the 1sd you get to save each day.

Now you may say "but you only get one a day!" but that is actually not true if you look at the timer after you have played it is not for 24 hours!

Therefore you are able to make 50sd i a month from the saved stardollars.


Anonymous said...

I think Kashka_Luv may be right.

When I first saw that it had been changed I thought we totally got screwed but after reading her comment I played play and earn and checked the clock. There's 15 hours on the clock. So...

((30 days x 24 hrs)/15 hrs)x 1 sd = 48 sd/month

Which also means we can earn even more stardollars b/c we can play and earn every 15 Hours, so there's a total of up to 240 sd a month. At least I hope so!

Anonymous said...

when i did it though it said 23h 30 mins, so this means that it doesn't work like that anymore :(

Anonymous said...

i don't know if it's something wrong with my computer or with stardoll?
from what I noticed, you can get the stardollars only when you get to the highscore list! it is so unfair!

Anonymous said...

Its cos you can only play and earn most days, but when you have earned your 50 stardollars you cant play and earn till the next month.

Anonymous said...


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