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New Kohls Clothing Rejected

UPDATE: Kohls is back in starplaza under new tab and its cheaper! Looks like they just had some tagging issues.

Some of the New Kohls Clothing Line was released last night under new items and I was definitely on alert when i noticed ALL the items were 7sd. When i purchased all the cute items, i recongnized some of the tags had the 30million logo on it. Today i could sell every item i bought and the tag now says "DO NOT USE." Im currently wearing one of the items, a purse.
Either Kohls contract just ended or they didnt get a release for those items. Im sure some or maybe all of the items will not be released again.




thegorgusgirl said...

I didn't even get them in starplaza yet :(

cheerleader2648 said...

I was about to buy some items, one long sleeve and the croped jacket, but changed my mind.

Love said...

yeah i noticed that is so weird the really cute dress i bought is no longer there....glad i bought when i could

Miracle98 said...

Well I bought a cute purse.... it was 5sd...
I just saw there were new Kohl's clothing a couple of hours ago... but I didn't see the dress Love was talking about/ I want to buy a bunch of other things too! :D

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