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Princess Frog Design Contest

Stardoll is hosting another design contest. Its featuring The Princess and the Frog Movie by Disney. Their are 3 items, the princess's dress, crown and gloves. Plus, the items are non-SS AND sellable, so im going to be making tons of beautiful dresses!

For members who dont live in US.
Log in to stardoll with : to get the crown in your suite.
To use the stardesign: use manual proxy port 80

proxys from medollmaster blog


Avril14140 said...

It`s too slow!:(

Vinnyc96 said...

im glad this is here!!
i need to get more SD's

going to do some chores..
btw im vinny1996 :) i cant believe im
one of the top designers on the page
lol is there a way to vote? i cant
find out how

LadyVenuz said...

I see pink gowns and crowns on starbazaar, but when i go to make my own, i dont get any pink colors. how did they get the pink?

thatgirlsophy said...

i havnt seen any pink gowns in the bazaar. can you show me?

thatgirlsophy said...


i found out. its the color you start with thats why. When you create your first design it starts out with a pink triangle and a red heart, some people just didnt change the color.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where to vote. There is a blank white box next to the movie trailer. Is voting showing up there for anyone?

Anonymous said...

I'am Erikakaka
add me xD

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