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Free Little Darlings Dress


 Stardoll is giving out a free Little Darlings Dress (based on the book) to the first 10,000 entrants to the contest. So hurry and enter to get your free dress!

"What’s more, if you’re one of the first 10,000 entrants, you will get Sunset's purple dress sent to your Suite!"

1. Go to
2. type in URL:
3. log in.
And thats it.


Anonymous said...

it didnt work :-( rosycheeks_5

Anonymous said...

it didnt work my nick name in stardoll is princess-sugar

Anonymous said...

can u take away the stuff that u cant get anymore..because it confuzes people

Anonymous said...

um hello people this website doesnet work try stardoll's most wanted it works alot of thind for free.

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