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More Play & Earn Stardollars

Im sure everyone received this email in there dollmail. I guess stardoll is being nice and offering us alittle more stardollars, 20sd more to be exact.
Its also a smart strategy on their part. Adding this "new" play and earn makes us become more active around the whole site, instead of just the games section; which equals more activity, more time on the site. This attracts advertisers to more sections of stardoll, which gives stardoll more money. LOL
Hey but if everyone's happy and im getting stardollars im happy too, haha.
Thanks stardoll! LOL


Avril14140 said...

I think I`m happy too.
It seems more interesting then these stupid games.:O

Prinzessa said...

But there's also a catch. The stardollar you get to keep is _the fifth one_... so you get to keep 14 sd every month. Bad side after all. Not gonna use that.

Anonymous said...

I don't have this option:\
someone can help me please?

Vessts said...

But we will also get more starpoints cause we do more on the site. Haha. Stardoll didn't think. But that's heaps good for us. XD

Anonymous said...

when is this going to be available ?

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