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Contest: Science of Fashion


Create a scenery and you can win stardollars, a suite makeover and some free clothes! A winner will be chosen EVERDAY to win stardollars! There will 22 winners total, with one winner winning a grand prize of a suite makeover and the new Metal Concentration Collection free! IM not sure if you have to make a scenery everyday, but i would check bak ust in case.

USE Proxys if NOT from US: &

Every day for the next three weeks one winner will win Stardollars and be featured in Stardoll Magazine ... 21 winners in all with one GRAND PRIZE WINNER getting a fabulous Suite Makeover and curated wardrobe from this month's three 'Science of Fashion' themed collections! Imagine coming home to a Suite scientifically styled with the very latest Stardoll fashions.

Check out every weeks collections starting with this week's Metal Concentration!


miss-kamcia said...

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