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Old Hot Buy Still Available

Go to Rio and on the fouth page in the bottom left hande corner there is a black shirt with a really small bird on it. This is a  Hot Buy from a few seasons ago that Stardoll forgot to get rid of.

Sorry no picture. Im on an ancient computer.

xx larrycatmeow


FashionliciousGirl said...

it wasnt hidden! it was already realeased

Anonymous said...

This is not a hidden Hot Buy! This is a shirt from January or February Hot Buy! lol

peace_oglory said...

It's not that old, it's from 2-3 months ago :-/

dazzlingn101 said...

It's not hidden it has just been in RIO for a while now so they moved it down a couple of pages xx

larrycatmeow said...

I know that, but im saying that no one really knew about it, therefore, HIDDEN

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