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Is it a TREND?

This isnt all that new, but its a pretty good thing to know for those who want to be "in" with the bandwagon.

First Is the "MOUCHE" trend. Putting the fake moles on your face to make a certain figure/shape:

There is also the trend, still hardly used, is the "MOUCHE LIP" Trend, I actually used this one once, its when you put 1 or more mouches/moles on each side of the lip, BUT! You really only use this with the "pursed lips":


Isn't it gorgeous?

Which is your favorite trend? Which will you follow? Is this your trend to follow, or will you create your own?


Polincik said...

Urgh.. I don't like the lip thing :/ But the first trend is quite nice :)

Agnefisowa said...

Every trend is good. I admire people who invented them. I think that is gorgeous.

Nickschmidt said...

I'm loving the stripes unter the eyes, not yours, but katara4 made it very nice.

annaasuncion said...

Haha, I made mine in a rush =))

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