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Shoes in Justin Bieber Style

Hey Peoples,
I Buy usally my Shoes on this Website :

There are Shoes in the Justin Bieber Style
I have Buy this Shoes Today in
Justin Bieber Style for 62 euro
its alot of money in germanny but i like the shoes

this shoes :

Do you like any Shoes on The Website
Do you like the shoe that i have ordered ?
Do you Buy a shoe too ?


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! Justin Bieber style? Theese shoes live forever and Justin Bieber wasn't the first one...

Ana said...

I love your choice..
I love dc shoes I have got few pairs
you can look them and tell me your opinion

Anonymous said...

This Isn't about Stardoll though ,
why are you telling us ?? said...

Um.. wait. 62€ For shoes is not that much in Germany. I know that I'm German, too. And seriously, what does that have to do with Stardoll? I guess, nothing. The shoes are, like Eglè/Vampire wrote, "older" than Justin Bieber. And people will still buy them, even though JB would not be there anymore. said...

Oh, and you don't buy a shoe, you buy a pair of shoes OR you buy shoes. But not a single one^^

DoctorWhoFreak said...

Yeah, these shoes have been around for ages, but Justin Bieber just picks up forgotten trends so that he looks unique.
Ps. Does anyone else hate JB? :D

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