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Featured Bazaar: Kolibe

Hot Designer on the rise, Kolibe! Her tops are amazing and super creative she makes shirts out of shirts, haha, how awesome is that. What's great is that she has different styles too. She designs "fallen angel" type of tops to cute girl "pretty in pink" tops, my fav being the glittery one for 8sd. Check out the jean vest top, it has great detail and looks perfect.  Also, i notice she has beef (a conflict) with Zivyle, who apparently steals peoples designs ( totally true :} ) as you can see she sells that panel too lol.


Anonymous said...

thank u so much :D im happy that u like my designes.

Anonymous said...

How you add pic on your designs? ;D
gaudriuke |from Stardoll | ;D

rachelamatiara said...

a bit more evil panda than fallen angel

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