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Tokodoki Shop is it fake?

I saw on MedollMaster Blog a spoiler posting of a Tokidoki Shop that was suppose to release in April. Apprently, some people say it was an April fools joke and its totally not real. Same thing happened with the Louis Vuitton Shop, what a tease. I havnt seen it in the shop spoilers, so i might just be fake. Plus, you can notice in the back the 2007 DKNY shoes. Who ever did it did a great job. I wish it was real though i love the bags :)
What do you think real or fake? Does anyone recognize the clothes?


Anonymous said...

Hahah, it was just a april fool xd

YM said...

Hiya (^.^) I'm one of the blog owners =)
Well, it's definitely an April fool joke made by us. Sad but true.
And yes, we also wish it was real, because we all love tokidoki (T.T)
But.. yeah. Just a joke. =/

chacha said...

woot. ok april fool.
how stoopid, i believe it wasnt a joke >.< LOL


Anonymous said...

It's a Joke! I've read some comments on MedollMaster blog and this is a ! April Joke!!!

Maryannepin said...

Well , it's not impossible , but is very hard to 'translante' things from real life to stardoll if u don't have any special program. I think that when stardoll was going to publish , an error occurred and it wasn't published.

Btw , i saw the Louis Vuitton's article , and stardoll really planned to publish Louis Vuitton's store. In this case , i don't know why it happened. The clothes are AWESOME ! But the prices are too expensive.

X Maryannepin

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