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I'm thinking of starting a new magazine, and I am looking for a team of people to help, this team might also become the same team for other projects* of mine. If you would like to be a graphic designer, model, writer or even for o-editor, contact me on stardoll or in the comments.

I also want peoples opinion for names for the group or magazine. The names I have for both so far are:

1. Breathe
2. Indulgence
3. Zanadu
4. Latina

Tell me what you think the magazine and team should be called in the comments.

*other projects include, a blog with updates about stardoll, a fashion label, more magazines, and maybe one about the team and many more...

Nuala X


FashionnGirl. said...

I would love to be part of your magazine team i can be anything and what i your stardoll name : )

Anonymous said...

Hey, I would love to be either a Model or a Writer, either I don't mind. Also I think Brethe is a nice name for the magazine :)

My Stardoll username is freeduck_, please contact me via Stardoll, Thanks :)

AlexCendraBurke said...

I Would Adore To Be Writer Am A Trained News Reporter Had Loads Of Experience And This Would Be Great Opportunity For Me

Magazine Called : Envy ?
Team Called : Prisoners Or Strong

Stardoll Name:Alexcendraburke

Cianboland said...

I'd love to be a model, my nickname on Stardoll is Cianboland, thanks :]

Gabby1822 said...

I don't mind any of the other names except Latina.

Snsn89 said...

hey im snsn89 and i would love 2 be ur model!! Or graphic designer!!

Anonymous said...

i accept breathe is a speacial name ... and you are special too...i would like to be part of this very designer ans computer specialist...10 yers with internt in accont name is xhorxhinaSTAR14 im in watting...plz connntact

panadeidei0 said...

hi, i love to be part of your stardoll name is dispenser2....contactme if you want me in your team. xoxo,Elis

VampLady said...

I would like to be a model

CrazyCarla9/Stardoll Style Magazine said...

Hi! I would like to be a writer for the magazine. I have my own blog,, so I know how everything works. My Stardoll name is CrazyCarla9. I like the name Indulgence. (:

kelly said...

Hey, i would love to be a writer for the magazine, i check stardoll every day :)

team names: designer us
stylishful, stardolls style

people names: Leddie, Addie/Abby, Kat, Izzy, Pippy, Kiki, Zara, and Emme

kelly said...

i would love to be a writer in your new magazine. my username in stardoll is alro2

Magazine names: Stylishful, Stardolls Style, Glambition, Designer us

People Names: Izzy, Emme, Zara, Pippy, Abby, Sasha, Evie, Cat, Cassie

hope you like them :)

Brumilicious said...

I like Breathe or Indulgence the most:D

And i would love to be an editor,or writer or a model xD
I also have my own magazine so i have some experience with this:)

My stardoll name is Brumilicious.

Anonymous said...

hello,i would like to be writer...i like name Indulgence =]] i hope you accept me my SD name is miss_jaxy

Anonymous said...

hey i really want to be miss july and be apart of your team i always come on here and get all the new cheats;)plz plz plz give me a chance user is GaGaCrazyFresh cuz i'm gaga crazy anyways u can send my an e-mail on stardoll or guestbook thx and bye

Kelsey said...

I Graphic Design and i can write about fashion and i LOVE the name Breath!!!

dazzlingn101 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dazzlingn101 said...

I will contact all of you,
because there is so many,
it might take a while,
so dont think Iv forgotten
if I dont contact you in the next few days xx

P.S my stardoll name is the same as this one, Dazzlingn101

Anonymous said...

i can either be a model or writer. my stardoll is lalala098...just contact me there. also i have a magazine in my album. you can check that out to see me abilities as a writer.

Sarah said...

I would like to be co-editor or a writer if I could.

I like indulgence as the name. (:

My stardoll name is iLoveeYoou.x

Thanks (: x

saz_rulez said...

If I could I would like to be co-editor or a writer please?
My stardoll name is iLoveeYoou.x

For the magazine I like the name indulgence and for the team all I can come up with at the moment is mosaic and that's pretty rubbish to be honest.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. (: x

Galaxina said...

Sd name: Galaxina
For the post of: graphics editor
that is the blog were I upload my work.

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