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Stardoll Makeover Tutorial

How to Check Your New Messages and Stuff
When you log onto Stardoll the first thing everyone does is check there messages, new friend request, bazaar and stuff. At the top there's a little icon with a face (1) you just click it and all your new stuff pops up.

Next to it is a small image of an envelope, if you click that it will go to your messages.

If you want to make broadcasts that's on the right side of the top bar (2).

How to Navigate Around your Suite
When you go you MY PAGE there's a second menu underneath it that takes you to your ALBUM, SCENERIES and stuff. I labeled a few with the old stardoll names to make it easier. Everything else is self explanatory.

Don't worry, you don't have less space in your suite, you just have to click the little arrow (1) to close the panel and you will be able to see everything. This was pretty clever on stardolls part before when stuff opened it would cover up your suite, now it doesn't. I like this.

To move back and forth in your suite use the small arrows on the bottom (2).
Everything is just minimal and hidden now, don't worry its a good thing once you get use to it ;)

On other Members Suites: You can vote CG, buy Gifts and navigate their suite by using the side panel (1)

How to Find your Stardoll User ID
Go to MY PAGE (1) Click on MY ACCOUNT (2) Next click on SETTINGS (3) That will take you to Account Setting page (4) Thats where your user ID will be.

How to Find Stardoll Magazine and Campaigns
When your on the SPOTLIGHT page, which is basically home, there's a second menu underneath it. I labeled the links with the old stardoll names so it cab be easier to remember. Shown below is the CONTEST & EVENTS Page which is where all the Campaigns show up like Endangered Species, Pals, Stardoll Makeover and other stuff.

How to go to Shop Levels in Starplaza
Again here stardoll added little arrows on the bottom to go to the levels in a shop. When you click on it you notice lines that pop-up, those are to let you know how many floors there are in that shop. For example, in the Stylein Shop there are two floors.

Well these were some of the main issues some people asked me about, If there is anything else you would like me to add to this post, please let me know in comments ;)
Hope this helped some of you!


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the lovely tutorial! i was wondering how do i turn my album rating on?? it was already set to on but now with the new makeover no one can vote my album. My doll can me rated but not my album. any ideas??

lavender said...

Where are most of my best friends?

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