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Free Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose Dress

Hiii :)

We haven't had any free items for a few days so here is one .... ^^^^^

1. Go to
2. In the proxy type in
3. Then put in this link in the proxy
4. Go back to the normal stardoll


Avril14140/Mihaela said...

You sure we haven`t had any free items for a few days??:O

I mean,look at the post above,it`s about free items lool xD and it`s posted today

Mmzznnxx said...

There is free amy dress

Anonymous said...

is there somethin other than web warner u could use??

Anonymous said...

is this thing only for supastas???

cass19100 said...

sorry :(

GennyxBear said...

Hello Stardoll designers,
Here's a contest that is good and you need a proxy if wanna dress her up.
You get this cool Cleopatra top. (:

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