Dollz Who Luv Us

I`m Back and Outfit of the day!

I am back from holidays :DD
I will try to be active now(:.
So i will start by posting today`s inspiration,and i will do it all the days :)

She is .pease.
She is known for her black,minimal outfits and her stunning style.
I think the shape of her.. dress i guess is amazing,and it really gives you an inspiration.



Linnea/.pease. said...

Thank You So Much For Those Nice Words [:

zaixhi said...

stunning outfit! i wish i can dress like her, i dont have that stocking!! lol!
ANYWAY, if anyone is wondering why i only maintained 4 rooms is because im going to be non-ss soon, i am SS only until October..i think SD is getting much richer and there are girls who copied some of my designs. they are already popular but they cant think something original. there are lots of picture in google so why why why?? i will rest from designing and maybe selling them too..
its me,

Madlenne_xD said...

The outfit is amazing. I really love the way that those tights look with those boots!

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