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Free Camp Rock 2 Items!

Hey everyone :) there's two free Camp Rock 2 items available today

Just click on the link below & it'll take you to the mini shop where you can purchase them :)

If you're not from the UK then you'll have to use a proxy such as so just paste the above link in the proxy bar :)

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There is also a Camp Rock 2 Scenery which you'll see in the shop, but sadly it's not free :(
Every week they are going to be giving away free gifts for the next month so keep checking up on the Camp Rock campaign for more freebies!

Here is the link to check for free gifts

Again, if you're not from the UK you'll have to use a proxy :)

angharadbbz x


noran said...

hi i can't get it and i'm from egypt and i use the proxy and i can't get it

noran said...

i can't get it i used proxy becuse i'm from egypt but the suite didn't complete loading

brendasweet90 said...

manual proxy please

alice said...

yes , we need a manual proxy , because the online proxy doesn't show , and the suite is flash

Anonymous said...

same problem as noran
my name is amanda3900

mili said...

it isnt in my shop so it didnt work! im baybeemili Please add me. also does any one else know anyother waYS TO GET MORE FREE STUFF please ?? if you do please email me at
thankkouhh all xx

Allaiyah said...

This one still works ^_^

Anonymous said...

the shop wont load :(

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