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Miss Stardoll World

Stardoll released more info about Miss Stardoll World!
  • Stardolls from any of the following countries will be able to compete. USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia.
  • 18 Stardolls from each of these countries will be hand-picked for the local finals to be held in October. We hear our judges are scouting for finalists already, so make sure your Suite is sweet and your MeDoll is dolled-up!
  • 1 winner from each country will go through to the Miss Stardoll World Final at the end of the year.
  • Prizes have not been confirmed, but we’re hearing a 1 Year Superstar Membership for the overall winner, plus tons of SDs and glamorous outfits. Oh, and of course a majestic crown and sash!
We believe more information will be released at some point this week, so keep an eye on the blog and your message inboxes for news regarding Stardoll’s most bold and lavish contest ever.

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MissLadyAnjah said...

+70 million contestants...somehow i dont see how this is going to be fair.
I'll just have to wait and see :)

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Do you think this is fair??

No,It`s not!!

There are only 18 countries and what`s with the other countries??
The name of this competition is Miss Stardoll WORLD!!

There are more countries in this "WORLD"!!

thatgirlsophy said...

thats so true. Why did they even create this if it was too difficult for them to include everyone?

naomi_b said...

i wish India was there too :(

Annil-chan414 said...

Stuff like this makes me sad that I know there is no possible way I would ever win, or even be 1 of the 18.

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