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One of my friends sent me this picture ....

I thought it could be useful to all of you's. Now you can see what you are going to get in starpoints, i know you can't really see them but you can just zoom in. It only goes up to 3000 sorry :(

Cass19100 :)


Fashion21121 said...

Contact me if you want to have more pictures of starpoints ! I've 7610 starpoints :]
My name on Stardoll is Fashion21121

shahi belle said...

hi,, well if it help,i already have a blog for all the starpoints,and i posted all the gifts up to 9000 points ^^
so if you or any one want to see you can visit it here >>

i hope it help ^^

MissLadyAnjah said...

Now im disapointed... :(
We get wigs??? LOL
Different color clocks? hmm, and they all have the same time :?
Oh well, better than nothing... :D

Mia Bia said...

When a reached 600 starpoints, i didn't get that wig. I only got a crown thing, that was like flying over my head. ?

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