Dollz Who Luv Us


Sorry I've not been posting much as I've been up to my neck in assignments! I thought I'd express my feelings about Miss Stardoll World- AKA a bunch of rubbish. All they do is randomly select 18 girls that enterend from every country and then randomly select one- they dont care much at all aout what you write. What do you think?


aL!ce said...

I don't know how important is that. If you search trousers at Starplaza you find at the last page some MissStardollWorld Suspender Suite Pants. They're black and they're just 8 sd , SS only.

aL!ce said...

the store is out too

Mmzznnxx said...

free dog!
go to

Amzii_ said...

I doubt a non-supertstar would win.

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