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And the winner of IdentiTee comp is...


We had competition last week.IdentiTee competition..I should tell you the winner?Right??xP

The winner is buttonsandbows3 (:

Her outfit was classy and stylish.I really love how she combined skirt and shirt.I really like her outfit.
She won 30sds.She must claim her prize in 2 weeks.If she don`t,she won`t get it :P

Also,I should mentioed 0xbritzx0`s work.She did an graphics.It`s great,even it`s supposed not to be graphic,she really did a great work.

I won`t be here for 3 days,I`m going to visit my cousins and grandparents.They are sick :/ I hope they will be better soon :(
I will be back at Monday :DD

That`s all from me now.

-Mihaela (:


Jamie said...

im claiming my prize? hah i left you a comment in your gb. thanks(:
xoxo im soo excited!!

cindy902 said...

Thats such a rip off. Can't even see the identiTEE top.

0xbritzx0 said...

Congrats to the winner!
Thanks for showing my Graphic ;] In every fashion comp I enter I have to do it in Graphic form XD I love making them (:

Anonymous said...

This site is disgusting she have no STYLE and her outfit was UGLY!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


I never heard that from any other member!!I thought that store is available in every country -.-

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


Yeah.Seems like you have no STYLE!
Can you just click ctrl+f4

Thanks and bye (:

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