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They could have done better I think , but there clothes so who cares . Here's what it looks like .

How to get it .....

1. Go to
2. Go to with the proxy
3. Type this in the proxy
4. Change the word "view" to "finish"

I thought that to make this blog a little more fun we could have a contest. If you want to enter the contest all you have to do, is this. Use one of the items from this out fit or you can use just one and dress it up. Make it look beautiful and make it have lots of jewelry accessories. The winner will unfortunatelynot get money or a gift, they will get a picture of them selves on the blog and there user name. Which could make them much more popular.
( You can just post in comments a tiny pic of your outfit)

Good luck every one :)

You've got until next Friday !

Hope to see lots of comments

Love Cass19100 :)


Fiona said...

The link,

The word "view" is spelled wrong. Thought I should let you know to fix it so the other people could get the free clothes! (=

Margaret278 said...

here is my entry!

Anonymous said...

you have wrong writen view you have veiw.... you must look.. :)

Amzii_ said...

The proxy link is wrong. Its Http:// Well that link worked for me.

Mishella said...

my nick is PunkMishella ... did my best as long as I´m no SS :D:D:D

allykat7 said...

thanks i did not use that proxy i used proxyhide out

Mishella said...

my nick is PunkMishella

its not SS outfit, but I did my best :D:D:D

GirlsAttitude said...

I love the clothes!
Visit my blog:


Anonymous said...

i love the skirt x] thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

i love the skirt x] thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

you spelled view wrong.

Anonymous said...

Heeey Guys,

Sorry for the spelling mistake, i was in a little bit of a rush and sometimes spell check changes the words differently and i don't realise i'm sorry :( Thanks for your entries please keep them coming


Anonymous said...


Can't get the tiny pic just go to my stardoll PopChic1999

mili said...

could you please help me it wont work for me for some reason so could you please help me ? x

Mmzznnxx said...

Check out in my suite, cuz in pic doesnt looks nice. Im mmzznnxx.

Anonymous said...

here's my entry

my nickname is talk2me2day

Fiona said...

Heres my dressup;
Hope its good enough ;x
My user is Sushichick123. (=

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