Dollz Who Luv Us

Dove Go Fresh Items For Free

This is how to get them all.

2. Log in to Stardoll.
3. Go back to your suite and they should be there for you.

Free Angel

This is how to get the free angel............

1. Go to this proxy:

2. Put in
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now put this link in in the url box.
5. Log out and go back to the normal stardoll.


BEC47 said...

hey love this website but i wish they could let new hairstyles go free anyway i didnt get the shirt or dove bottles i got beauty and the beast items and the bag in the pic and add me on stardoll BEC47

Anonymous said...

Superstar for a day is back. Even for members who have been Supertar before. You can sell clothes or play with ss dolls though.

Morgiie&Cici said...

Follow My SuperAwesome Blog

Anonymous said...

Two phantom of the opera items in suit. The black box with cream mask gives you a greek pillar thing. The black box with the red mask on it has a riddle you have to crack before you can get the item.

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