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I am sadly sorry to announce that i am leaving the blog. I do everything around here and it's getting way to much for me. Sorry to all that liked having me here i love you' s. But now i have my own blog where i can rest a little bit with my writers and graphic designers.



Mishella said...

oh god ... its such a shame, now there´s no more active writer :(:(:(

Anonymous said...

ya i know, whats your blog? because if your leaving im leaving too because nobody else writes!

Cianboland said...

It's my job to write about fashion on Stardoll, and it's your job to post about free stuff. Hope that clears things up for you xxx

allykat7 said...

i'm so sorry i can do it i check the blogs almost everyday i have my own blog to i can do both please stay i can do some you can do some usd (underneath stardoll) hires people so hire me i can do alot like i said i have my own blog and i check the blogs everyday

xoxo allykat7 p.s visit me

Jackie said...

dont leave! people like me need people like you. i dont know how you guys get all this knowledge about stardoll freeeies and stuff. please stay!

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