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Free Latin Simple Dress ♥

This cheat is a bit tricky so just pay attention to the pictures,and you should be fine :) There is no proxy for this cheat.

1. Make sure you are logged into Stardoll.

It should come up with this

3. Where the box & the arrow is,is where you should find your user ID.
4. Write down your User ID somewhere so you know what it is.

5. Now after you do step 4, put this link in your url
After the = sign in the website put in your user ID.
6. Once you have clicked go or enter, scroll all the way down.
7. You should find the following

8. You must fill in everything, you don't have to use your real name or email. However if you want to you can. You can use your own email if you aren't a member already. But i used one of my old emails that I forgot the password to :D Don't forget to tick the terms & conditions box.

9. If you signed up and it worked you can go back to your suite and it should be there. If you havnt ever signed up then you might get a prom dress and some bottles.

Love you all Cass ....


Anonymous said...

is it only for uk members?If it is it s unfair :( Cause that 's what it writes with red letters at the corner! I did sign up and there is no dress in my suite :/ (I m not from uk)

Anonymous said...

yeah this is not fair :(

Anonymous said...

It worked for me. I didn't even use a real email address.

Anonymous said...

i signed up with not my email adress and not my name and im not part of the uk but i got that stuff
make sure you filled in everything including a fake birthday

Anonymous said...

i got it yeeey xD

Jeannie ^___^ said...

Hey Im Not From The UK and I got 2 Dresses ! :)
The Prom Dress
The Latin Dress
Im from the USA
you should try it anyways
it worked for me! it should work for you 2 :D

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