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New Store - KAWAII

On Stardoll at the moment, there is a super awesome store called "Game Zone." As a Japanese person, I'm a huge Game/Nintendo freak. ESPECIALLY SUPER MARIO haha :) I was SO happy to see that we had the classic Mario mushrooms and the Classic Mario Background ;)

The pac-man inspired items are also pretty cool. I love those alien thingys that go on the wall too, they could make a boring room look interesting!

My favourite pieces are definatley the Super Mario Mushrooms & Backgound, and the Pac Man chairs. The panda is sort-of scary though haha :/

***Also, sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, I've just come back to Japan recently so it's pretty hectic***


Connacht said...

i love pacman and this store is an awesome blast from the past!

zaixhi said...

who is the designer of the month?

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