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Hasta la Vista ANDTIDOTE!!

Hii everyone :)

First,I wanna say hello to our new writer,Cianboland.

Wuah.Seems like there`s no more Antidote in starplaza.We know that there were alot of items left in that shop.I hope that Stardoll got our message that we want something better.We want better collection of Antidote.

What do you think?Would they release new collection soon?Or there won`t be Antidote anymore?
I really hope they will release new collection :DD

-Mihaela (:


Mishella said...

i want to ask about that hotbuys skirt competition you made ... can we see the results please? :)

Anonymous said...

heyy everybody all non ss have get a FREE stardoll room now we got 2 rooms isn't that COOL?? well stardoll is in very good mood i think so =)) whatever thank you stardoll and now you can start with design your new room GOOD LUCK...=))♥

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