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80 Million Members - Stardoll Message

You know there's 80 million memebrs on stardoll already.
There were spoilers about it...
There will be the clothes and the baloons of course...
But now stardoll is giving us a big present!
When you spend 80 stardollars you will get a half price of it .
Like, you buy a dress for 50 stardollars, and stardoll gives you back 50% (=25 stardollars back!)
But this will be avalaible when you will spend 80 stardollars.

Thanks to : for the picture. :)



Anonymous said...

if u go to the store window of the 80 million thing there is a free white tee shirt!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's the worst gift stardoll have given cos I used up my money ages go!

Anonymous said...

i didnt get my 50% back!

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