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Anti Bullying Week

Update: I guess this is the character that you will receive for entering the contest:

Stardoll has an "Anti Bullying Week".
Stardoll even has a contest.
If you want to enter of course, here's the link:

The idea of the contest is,
you must share youre idea how to fight bullying.
As was posted on stardoll blog, the most "brilliant and constructive ideas" will be
featured on starblog.
And stardoll also said that:
"Everyone who registers with the Big March through Stardoll will receive a super cute Beatbullying character, that you can place in your Suite to show the world that you are taking a stand against bullying! "

Will you enter the contest?
Will you register for the "Big March"?
And what do you think of all this "Anti Bullying" stuff?
Comment! xox




DoctorWhoFreak said...

I got the Opera Mystery Final Prize! It's a free interior - big letdown really :) Just thought I'd say xx

MissRihanna said...

I know i've got it too. It's awesome, especcialy for members that are not superstars :)

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