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Random Poll

Sorry, but I had to post this. Gotta be the most random poll ever in Stardoll history.

Atleast you'll laugh once today ;]


lili3y said...
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lili3y said...



anaKonda said...

This one goes up there with the one asking for how much would u pay to go to Fashion Week...cheezus!!!
And how about, plucking, epilator devices and laser/permanent hair removal???

Jackie said...

hahahaha wow. sounds like they are running out of ideas for these poles. or just trying to freak us out. lol
but to answer the poll i shave. waxing is awful! its great for longer smoothness but when i did it i had ingrown hairs. awful! us ladies have to go through so much that men will never understand. sighs

goedbloed said...

yeah, I just saw it at stardoll! Weird... I think they don't know what to put in the poll..

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