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Beat Bullying Campaign + Free Gift

Stardoll has teamed up with Beatbullying for Anti Bullying Week 2010. They're offering a doll if you click "Click here to register on the BEATBULLYING SITE and get your Stardoll Suite gift"

Click it, but it's not necessary to register on the site to get the free gift.

The link to the page is here.

I think this is an amazing idea. As a person who has been bullied before, I know firsthand how much it can hurt, and we need to put an end to the mentality that bullying isn't harmful, as long as no punches are thrown. Believe me, the punches hurt just as much as the snide remarks and everything else that comes along with them.

If you are being bullied, please tell someone you trust. It does get better from here, I'm proof :]

xoxo, Colleen


LikaLaruku said...
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LikaLaruku said...

It's really cute.

Hey, ahead of time I want to give you this new Greek Proxy for future use. A lot of people cant get to work, & that's the Greek proxy server pretty much every stardoll blog & club uses because they can't find another. It took me ove ran hour to get this combo.

1)Go to tools/options/network/settings/manual proxy configuration.

2)Type in port 8085 or port 3128.

3)Go to & then to Stardoll & log in.

Jackie said...

im so glad they did this. especially after the six deaths we just recently had these past 2 month. the poor kids who were bullied over their sexual orientation and committed suicite. the youngest was 13!
when i was a freshman in high school one of my friends committed suicide because of bullying. i think its sooo super important for not only the schools to awknowledge bullying but also the government. its very serious. and i pray to all those that are victims to it

Jackie said...

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

^^words everyone should live by^^

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