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Free Harajuku outfit!!!!

For the free "G" outfit just click here if your from the UK to join the new Harajuku Lovers club!
If your not from the UK you will need to use a munual proxy! Im sorry but i dont know anything about them so i cant help there!


Ruth♡Houpisonfire said...

Doesn't work. To join a club is needed a manual proxy.

anaKonda said...

Ruth is right!
To get the outfit u need a manual proxy.
Thx again Ruth :)

Yamilet said...

it give me a poster display but not the outfit.

Anonymous said...

:(( i m from georgia (europa) it doesnt work i cant join club

Anonymous said...

used this proxy; 3128
It works for me.

Vampire_TAYLOR said...

ahh so mean! they all was give the cool stuff to America and The UK
It didnt work for me ether :(

abyjim said...

Thanks for letting me know!...I dont know anything abouit manual proxys so i cant tell you! Sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

abyjim cant you found another way to get that outfit?

abyjim said...

Im sorry but you need to use a manual proxy!....I dont know anything about them so im very sorry but i cant help you! :(

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