Dollz Who Luv Us

Free HB Purse

This purse is avalaible until 20th October!
There's a free Hot Buys blue bag!
All you need to do is...

1.If you are from Poland go and enter contest here:
1.1 If you aren't from Poland use proxy's like:
2. Go to
3. Then click go.
4. Log In
5. Now on the proxy's URL past the contest link:
6. Click go, and wait until the page loads.
7. Leave the proxy and go to normal stardoll.

This bag is March 2007 Hot Buys.


goedbloed said...

Thank you! I got it! I love the bag!

blootmwo said...

That's THE BAG for me!!!!

xxx thanks

LikaLaruku said...

I got the purse but the damndest thing. I cannot get it to stay on the doll's hand. Anyone else having that problem?

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