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Free Ramona and Beezus Jacket

                                               There's a free "Ramona and Beezus" blue jacket!

                                                 1.Go to an U.K Proxy (use a safe proxy...)
                   like:  or
                          2. Then in the URL box type in:
                                                   3. Click go or just hit enter.
                                                     4. Then go to normal stardoll.
                                                 You will find jacket in youre suite xox
                                                                                                         Melody xox


bloomtwo said...

they ar stuck together... that's a little bit weird, but I like it

!!! thanks
ps: nice all those new writers

LikaLaruku said...

Haha, the jackets cannot be seperated from eachother.

Katya710 said...

dont work. this website is bad.

Sassyfras. said...

I got a snowboard.. not a sweater. Haha

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