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Hey everyone!!!

Hey!!! My name is Abby and im now writeing for this blog! My stardoll name is abyjim so take a look at me!
And i also wanted to know if anybody knows any free photo editing programes so that i can post pictures on this site???


Chazyb_SD said...

Hey Abby :]
I'll add you - accept please? My nickname is Chazyb
Tinypic, picnik and photobucket might help you!
Have a good time writing for the blog!

Charlie//Chazyb♥ from

abyjim said...

Ok...Thank you! I will have a look at them! And i will accept you! x

Anna...hehe said...

Some websites for editing that may help include....

- pizap
- TinyPic

I hopw this helps, alos... add me! Im... SingSongBubbles :)
I know my suite isn't perfect but please comment and rate!

Anonymous said...

Hey Abby! :)
Glad you decided to join the team :)
Sorry i dont know any sites >.<

Add me! LoveFromJen x

abyjim said...

Thank you for all you help!xxx

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