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Miss Stardoll World and Mortal Kiss

Hii everyone :D

If you didn't checked Miss Stardoll World's page,you should.Finalists from the each country are announced.All of them would be interviewed for the Stardoll Magazine :) Can't wait to see it.

Mortal Kiss

There are new floors added at Mortal Kiss store.I really,really love them.There are a lot of great pieces.You should definitely check starplaza and find something what you like.There are few non-superstars pieces.The prices are not that high.Amazing.

Are you one of the Miss Stardoll World's finalists?Do you like new floors on Mortal Kiss?Would you buy anything?
Write your opinions in comments. 

-Mihaela (:


anaKonda said...

It's filipinhamaria a finalist for Portugal, shes one of my favs. A few odd choices but not bad.
Love the new Mortal Kiss floor.
Some very daring pieces.

dazzlingn101 said...

One of my best friends is a finalist for the U.K. I'm so happy for her.

But her doll is invisable, her name comes up in the corner but no doll appears, she is worried this will casue her to get less votes. Her username is: Stagecast

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


I know!Filipa is one of the finalists :D I'm so glad for her.

I saw someone who's doll doesn't appears.It's so unfair!

Anonymous said...

the miss stardoll whas with a cheat because only superstars go to finalist .
bdw nice floor at mortal kiss ....

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