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Hot Buys Wooden Heels

Another "Hot Buys" peace...
Hot Buys Wooden Heels.
Actually i can't tell that i "like"them
they are pretty but not actually in my style.
They cost 6 SD (pretty cheap huh?)
And they are in the "RIO" shop.

The real version:

Topshop  Shoes

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Thanks to for the real version.

Do you like them?
You will buy them?
What do you think of them?

Comment! xox

                                                             Melody xox


anaKonda said...

I think the RL version looks cheap would never say they are couture.
Not my fav hotbuy either...

Mario said...

Honey, you're a little confused. The shoes are Topshop. The dress below these shoes is Valentino on the site you got the information from.

MissRihanna said...

Thanks. I corrected the mistake.:)

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