Dollz Who Luv Us


Its good to get a lot of starpoints but you can only earn up to twelve a day so its important to earn them all! Heres what you have to do everyday.........
1.Just logging in gets you one!
2.You need to edit your suite...Just move one item if you dont want to change it!
3.Save your me doll in your album!
4.Write in a guest book!
5.Write an entry in your blog...I just list how many starpoints i have so i can keep track!
6.Make a scenery!
7.Edit your album.
8.Edit your medoll....Just change hir colour of something!
9.Send a message to someone!
10.Do your play and earn!
11.Buy something!
12.Post something in a club!
And you dont get more starpoints for writeing really long messages! This is the onlyway to get starpoints!!!


Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Thanks! i did your steps:)

abyjim said...

Thats ok!...and i forgot to say that you will not get any starpoints untill the next day!!! So if you dont get them strait away dont worry! :)

Anonymous said...

Super I Like ...

Love From xxjbbxx ( My Nickname On Stardoll . )

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