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Free Harajuku lovers Board

1)go to
3)then log in
4)scroll down the page to the archive and click on the contest "G's contest"
5)click on official site
6)when the page loads close it
7)then type
8)log out and it will be in your suite

sorry but i could'nt get a picture


goedbloed said...

It didn't work for me. Does anyone know how to get it?

Anonymous said...

It dint work for me, too ..

Anonymous said...

is it a billboard?

Anonymous said...

it didn't work for me

Anonymous said...

it said i needed flash player but i have the newest 1!

maggie_cutie_10 said...

when i got the playstation, i got a billboard of Harajuku Lovers, is that it? Well, i love it! Check out my suite! It works great!

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