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Free Playstation+TV

This one is coming from the UK.

You'll need a proxy, I used , just remember to watch for popups and do a virus scan. They're not always safe, you need to be careful :]

Type this into the box:

Then hit GO, and wait for it to load. Log in, and once you've done that type this is:

When that page loads, exit the proxy. It should be in a bag in your suite!

I actually might use this one, Playstation is really fun and it would be good for my suite for sure :]


xoxo, Colleen ♥


Anonymous said...

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bloomtwo said...

it works thanks!!!


ps: visit me on my account on stardoll: bloomtwo

other nice stardolls: zomerprinsesje and Nina-Ink

Allaiyah said...

A PS1? How nostolgic. Too bad it doesn't include a Goldfinger screencap to insert into the TV screen.

Princesslh6 said...

It does not include a playstation it includes a tv that u can watch disney stuff on which is real working , A disney t-shirt, a sing it poster

pretty cool huh?

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