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Free Tangled Wig

(Kind of old, but some people still asking me about this)

Free Wig on stardoll from disney movie Tangled.

If you are not from ITALY you will need to use a manual proxy.

Manual proxies don't always work right away so just keep refreshing the page.

How to use manual proxy

Suggested manual proxies : port 80 port 808 (i used this one, its slow) Port: 8080

Please clear your browsing history before attempting to use the manual proxy.

Step 1.Clear browsing history
Step 2. Set up the manual proxy (choose one of the above)
Step 3. Log into stardoll
Step 4. paste this link into the url box and click Enter : (campaign page) (watch movie)

Step 5. Watch the entire video (about the Tangled movie) ,you may need to create the scenery too, that happened to me, then log out.
Step 6. Remove the manual proxy - just undo whatever you did to set up the proxy in the first place.

The item should be in your suite when you log in the regular way.
Tips: If your first attempt fail , on your second attempt try turning off the manual proxy AFTER you start to log in and the page starts loading.

All from stardolls most wanted


Sarah said...

How come you can't just use one of those proxy websites?

thatgirlsophy said...

cant find a good one for italy.

Sarah said...

That's okay, I just don't like the manual proxies because they are so slow, no matter which one I try to use. Perhaps I will try it again later to see if it gets any better ;)

Sarah said...

Okay, so the proxy finally loaded for me, but after the video had finished, I didn't have the wig. This is a lot of trouble, I have tried finding a good website proxy for people to use, no success though, sorry. Instead of messing around with this anymore, I think I'm just going to skip this one, but hopefully it works for other people ;)

N3tuhh said...

help me . please

Anonymous said...

:'] Thanks, the 2nd one worked for me!

FionaK20 said...

Thank you so much! I got it! you rule!

Anonymous said...

i wanted that wig but i cant because i cant use manual proxies :( //Lälla

Anonymous said...

How do you get it if your'e from Italy?

claire said...

sad, i like the wig i hav the perfect dress and everything :(

roberta said...

Can i still get the wig?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that nothing here works?

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