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Looking for Barbie Wig

Ok so i am looking to buy one of those barbie wigs stardoll gave away a while ago!
So can you sell them and if you've got one how much would you sell it to me for???
Thanks.....Abyjim x


SataN BitcheS said...

I ask one girl to sell me the barbie wig,but she said ''it's not avalibe to starbazar'' x3

Anonymous said...

I als don't see it in my starbazaar, because I have one too...

But I am looking for a wig, that looks like the rapunzelwig, with the very long hair, does anyone know where I can buy/get it??

xx goedbloed (on stardoll)

abyjim said...

Ok thanks for your help!

And if you look at the cheat above for the repunal wig!! xx ;)

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