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Free Window

There's a free window available from a contest in Turkey.

You'll need a proxy for this one, I've used You need to be careful with proxies, as always there is a possibility of viruses. Never click on popups, and exit the proxy as soon as possible.

Paste this link into the box:

Then log in and type paste this link into the proxy bar:

After this page loads, log out and exit the proxy. It should be in your suite :]

xoxo, Colleen ♥


j said...


LikaLaruku said...

Firefox can't find the server at

Sarah said...

It didn't work for me... I used kproxy instead of the one you suggested because it couldn't be found. However, I did follow all the steps. Then again, none of these things have seemed to work for me =/ Any suggestions?

sports_girl said...

That's very weird. I normally use Internet Explorer, but at my uncles advice I had downloaded Firefox also. It was too confusing, since I'm used to IE, so it's on my computer but I don't use it.
After the comments, I opened it, and it worked for me, it found the proxy and allowed me to log in and get to the link.
I really don't know what else you guys can do, these work for me, because I always try them out first before I post them here- if it doesn't work for me it simply doesn't get posted on the blog.
I would try this proxy again, and paste the address w/o using http://, since it's already on the address bar on the proxy. That's all I can think of, I'm sorry it doesn't work for you!

Sarah said...

Thank you very much, I tried using the proxy again and it worked :)

super-irma said...

i tried 4 times and it isn't there but i need it sooo much :((((

Mia Bia said...

Sarah, can you tell me what you did to get the dress? It dosent work for me..

Anonymous said...

thanks so much im not a member but i still got it even though ony members can buy it! it works sorry if it didnt work for you!

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