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Advent Calander!


UPDATE: Currently Non-Superstars can buy the SS items in the Calendar go get it now, it might be a glitch! thanks chonnygirl!

So its that time of the year again! And so the Advent calanders out! This year its really good i think...better then years before! Today there was two gifts (and im not going to tell you what they are - i dont want to ruin the suprise) one for superstar and one not! So if your superstar you may be getting two gifts a day! So im going to save my money up for the calender seeing as they normally cost! Although there normaly only a few startdollers which is good! And if you dont know where to find it ive got a picture for you!


Anonymous said...

I'm not SS, and I click ''BUY'' for the SS gift and i have it in my suite :D chonnygirl
Sry for my english :P

Anonymous said...

mee too!

sports_girl said...

Yep, these two are right!
It's sports_girl, I can't do a post at the moment, but I've checked it out and you can definitely get the bag for free.
Do it now, it's probably a glitch :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! i have no idea how to get the calendar... anybody have any idea??? my user is FizzyCherryCoke so if u could message me about it that would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

you just open your message center and u will find a message!!!Just click on message and ur calendar is open!!!

Anonymous said...

Its not working for me!!!

KapownallCeleb said...

I love this glitch so much! Too bad its gone now! I would have loved to get that Dark Vaider Helmat! Visit my suite KapownallCeleb

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