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Free Purse in Advent Calendar


Hey guys! The posting system hasn't been working for me, I had a huge post to explain my absence and it got deleted somehow! So I hope this one works :)

Anyways, as people have pointed out in the comments, the bag for superstars only is free to everyone!!! Three of us have done it so far, but this might be a glitch so hurry up and get it!
As for why I've been away, it won't let me post a huge message. The long and short is that I have a few problems needing to be sorted out. Please message me on Stardoll if you want more details, I don't wanna say a lot but I can let you know a little more if you're interested. I'd rather not have it all over the blog anyways :)

xoxo, Colleen ♥


Sarah said...

I was able to get this purse for free and I'm not a SS so it should work ;) Don't know for how long though.

Taylor said...

Yeah I got it for free too!! It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it worked for me, but I did it the first day it came out, so maybe that's why?

May said...

it work for me i entered that heart contest...i saw it when i were looking at that skarf thing but i didn't get the scarf

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