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Happy New Years Eve

Today is officially the last day of 2010, kind of flew by dont ya think? Its krazy how time flys. Time for a fresh start. A time for new goals to happen.

I cant wait to see what has in store for us, but besides that what are YOU planning to do in the new year? Anyone have some good fashionable resolutions? Id like to hear them :)

Have fun and be safe.



krist33n said...

WOW.. What a Year on Stardoll...!!!!
1. Totally new set up...sort of use to now but...
' we want our Purple and gold SD back please :)
2. Then huge price rises
3. Aaah , The Collectibles, we fly around with buckets of stars and by the end of the month we've a pretty doll :)
4. Interesting scenery 'another world' appeared..:)
5. Now we geometrically size, layer our suites....SD we are not mathematicians
6. Yeah NSS can buy from the star bazaar :))
Well what happens 2011??
love krist33n

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